Terms & Conditions

Any faulty product will be exchanged or refunded provided it has not been damaged by the recipient. Orders may be cancelled within 7 days of their receipt, though return costs must be met. A refund will be made within 30 days of cancellation, providing these conditions have been met. Please note that dimensions and weights may vary slightly as these products are hand made. Please remember these products are made from a solid wood and colours may vary according to the age and source of the timber. Barrels that are to be used for holding liquids must never be allowed to dry out. For storage of our watertight products We recommend that you keep plastic film on the products if You are storing the new product for an indefinite time period. Please remember a wood product (specially wine barrels and kegs) must be stored all the time in a cool humid environment (temp. max +12 Celsius) to maintain its integrity.

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